Time stamp for annotations

I am searching for a way to retrace the progress in the annotations. To be more precise, I did some actions that influenced the annotations and input files over time. And thus I want to see which annotations have been made until, e.g., 2020-03-03 (or, at least, I want to see how many have been made until this date).

Is there a way for this or are time stamps not saved in the database. I, however, have only empty timestamp-sets.

Are you using named sessions? I think it's possible that the annotations aren't saved to the timestamp datasets because they're saved to the session datasets instead.

By default, Prodigy doesn't add timestamps to the individual annotations – only the datasets have a created field. The annotations are inserted in order, though, so that might help. Going forward, you could also edit the give_answers endpoint in the app.py and add timestamps to the annotation dicts before they're passed to the controller. v1.10 will also introduce a before_db callback for recipes that's called on the examples right before they're saved to the database and that lets you modify the examples (e.g. to remove base64 data or to add information like timestamps etc.).

Hey Ines, many thanks for your reply!
However, I hoped that the annotations were already saved together with a date. :see_no_evil:
And yes, for some time we do use named sessions, which is also a nice feature btw. :slight_smile: