Video Guides

Hi All,

I'm trying to follow along with the video guides that are up on Youtube, but it seems some key things have changed, as I keep running into unexpected errors pretty much at every single step. Is there an updated guide to follow (eg - ner.patterns) is now used as opposed to a command in the video which completely escapes me right now.

Hi! Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't let you add overlays to the video anymore, so we had to use the video description for comments on the small details that have changed. I think the most relevant changes are related to the text classification tutorial and how it now takes patterns for more flexibility, and reads the labels from the data automatically. If there's anything else we forgot, let me know – sorry about that!

I know that some people like to follow video tutorials by replicating them exactly, so this is a bit unfortunate. However, the underlying ideas and workflows haven't really changed, so you should still be able to use the same recipes in the same order etc.