Feedback on NER recipes documentation


I am a new Prodigy user. I got confused with the ner.teach recipe documentation on patterns.
For this option, the documentation says : 'Optional path to match patterns file to filter out entities.'

My understanding was that the input patterns would be excluded from the suggestions. However when digging into the code, I found that it was the opposite : input patterns are highlighted in the suggestions.
I feel like the ner.manual documentation on the --patterns option ('Optional path to match patterns file to pre-highlight entity spans.') is clearer.

What do you think ? Did I miss something about this option ?

Thank you !

Thanks for the heads-up and you're right, this is pretty confusing. Sorry about that!

In the case of ner.teach, the patterns are used to select examples in addition to the ones suggested by the model. So maybe we could describe it as: "Optional path to match patterns file to pre-highlight entity spans in addition to those suggested by the model."

That sounds great, thank you for the quick reply !