Using prodigy for NER with custome entities

Can you please point me to any documentation showing how to use prodigy for NER with custom entities? Here is an example:

Input: "Blush long sleeve velvet wrap mini dress featuring a v plunge neckline and lace trim detail."

Output: "Blush long sleeve [sleeve type] velvet [fabric type] mini dress[length type] featuring a v plunge [neck type] neckline abd lace trim detail.


This video and documentation explains one approach, using patterns to bootstrap the annotation:

You can also just use ner.manual to annotate an entity type without a model in the loop. I would recommend that to start with, so that you get a feel for the data and annotate some initial examples to train a model from.

I see you've already had a response to this and maybe I'm late to the party, but once you've done some manual annotation (say 1000 examples or so) I'd retrain your model and then use ner.make_gold. I've also been doing NER with many custom categories, and it made my annotation much faster.

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