Post Processing On prodigy

Hi Everyone,
I am new to Prodigy.
Can I extract and showcase sentences with a particular entity in custom NER model while annotating in Prodigy??
e.g. "XYZ is developing a new product. No one knows about it"
What I want: Annotated results for the text with the NER.
"XYZ (ORG) is developing a new product. No one knows about it.
extract the sentence XYZ is developing a new product.

Hi @arda, welcome to Prodigy!

Do you mean just showing the text with existing entities? If you already have the entities for a given document, you can first convert them into a JSONL file that follows the ner format and then use the file loader so that they're saved in a dataset. After that, you can load that dataset and continue annotating.

Thanks @ljvmiranda921 for the reply.
What I meant was extracting the sentence with entity "ORG" and showing it in the interface while annotating. Like a live dashboard.