Using existing span highlighter with custom template

I was wondering if there’s an easy way to still get span highlights with a custom template? Essentially I’d like to show:

**Title with some styling**

Some text here. Some text about <mark>thing</mark> here.

Using it to classify text paragraphs which are sometimes longish and it’s really helpful to have key terms highlighted. I’m currently using the NER view, but it doesn’t have a title line.

You should be able to add a title via the "label" property – for example:

{"text": "Some text", "spans": [...], "label": "Some title"}

This will show the task just like the classification view with a title on top, and the highlighted spans in the main body text. If you want to include more subtle meta information, you can also use the "meta" key, which takes a dictionary – for example, "meta": {"page_number": 123}. This will then be displayed in the bottom right corner of the annotation card.

Could it be that functionality depends on also using the NER model? I added the label to metadata, but it’s not being shown. See screenshot.