Using Custom Html Template

Hi, so I am trying to use my custom html template with my json file however I am not able to get it work properly. I am not too sure how to format my json file.
Here is my json file:

Here is my prodigy.json file:

And here the final format that I want to appear:

Hi! I already answered you in your previous thread:

There are basically 2 options:

  1. Add a "html" key to your text that contains the full text with line breaks <br />.
  2. Use properties "Model" etc. in your JSON, add "html": "" to your task and use the html_template to refer to the keys in your JSON as variables, like you did in your example. You can also see an example of the JSON format and how it maps to template variables here:

Hey, I want to use only that block in between in my html template for dependency parsing. How can I do that?

Also in dependency parsing, the lines are overlapping with each other in prodigy but in spacy library when using displacy the arcs do not collide. Can we correct that manually?