Prodigy seems to disregard my custom html_template

I do pass a custom html_template in prodigy.json (and verified frontend got it via /project call)

Parent:{{parent && parent.text}}
While the task has {“text”:“meta”:{}, “parent”:{“text”:“example”}}

using a varient of mark with choices view
The UI does not seem to display my own template but the default template. How do I overcome that?

I see now that the the docs it’s mentioned to “customize” the html view, but I need to customize choices… how can I do this"?

The html_template is generally only used if you also set the view_id to "html". Otherwise, Prodigy can’t really know where to use the template and how to incorporate it into the existing interface.

That said, the choice interface does support HTML content as the main input (e.g. the question / content to collect choice feedback on). If a "html" key is present in the data, the input is rendered as HTML. So I wonder if you can trick the interface into using your template by adding something like "html": "" to your task?

The same works for the options, so you could also try {"id": 0, "html": "", "some_other": "stuff"} in the individual options. I haven’t tested it yet, so there might be unintended side effects.

Thanks @ines . Using the html key solved my problem!

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