Updating Prodigy

1-could you give me best instruction for update prodigy?

2- regarding updating prodigy, if I update the prodigy, there is no problem with formats of my file which are provided by last version

Whenever a new version of Prodigy is available, you'll receive an email notification. You'll then be able to download the latest version via your personal download link. The link never changes, so this is the same link you received in the first email.

The formats should always be compatible across versions. If there are breaking changes, you'll find them in the changelog:

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many thanks for prompt answer, basically I need to download the link and follow the same instruction for installation,. correct?

could you please answer my other questions :slight_smile:

Many thanks

As I explained inthe other thread, we really can't provide the level of support you're looking for, especially for a free research license. If your colleagues can't step in and help you, you might be best off looking for a paid consultant. You can post a request here.

tnx for your response, I figured it out