Typo in textcat.manual Github source code


When trying to copy the recipe for textcat.manual from GitHub (from here), there seems to be an error on line 16 (should be plural labels[0] instead of label[0])

Running as follows raises an error:

prodigy textcat.manual_override ner_news_headlines ./news_headlines.jsonl --label headline -F recipe_textcat_override.py

where I've renamed the textcat.manual recipe to textcat.manual_override and downloaded the recipe into recipe_textcat_override.py

Hi @m0re,
thank you for reporting the typo and welcome to the prodigy community :wave:
We will change that as soon as possible in our Github repository and post here again once this typo is fixed.

Thanks again for poiting it out :slight_smile:

Hi @m0re,
the fix for the typo just got merged into the repo!
Thanks again for pointing it out :slight_smile: