Train POS tagger after custom tokenization

Hello, I am a newbie in spaCy and I am struggling with the training of the POS tagger.

I am trying to train the POS tagger after customizing the tokenizer.

For example the tokenization of the text
Il est culotté celui-là.
is now
['Il', 'est', 'culotté', 'celui-là', '.']

rather than the original one :
['Il', 'est', 'culotté', 'celui', '-', 'là', '.']

My problem is that nlp.update() doesn't seem to consider my customized tokenizer, since I can't annotate 'celui-là' as one token, but as 3 :
('celui-là', {'tags': ['PRON','PUNCT', 'PRON']})

But it should be :

   (' celui-là', {'tags': ['PRON']})

However we can see that in the output the customized tokenizer is applied, so my conclusion is that I am training the tagger before applying the custom tokenizer.

Here are the code and output :

Do you know how to first apply my modifications of the tokenizer before the training of the tagger so I can train it with the right tokens ?

Thank you.

Any suggestions ? I am really stuck :confused:
Any ideas would be very apreciated.
Thank you.