Time Limited Sessions

Is there a way to time limit a session in prodigy? Like for example to set the session time to 1 hour and then it closes automatically. At the sametime, can we add a timer to the UI?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! Just curious, what's the type of use case you have in mind for this?

There's no built-in feature for time-limited sessions, although you could probably implement this at least on the server side and have a script that runs in the background and automatically terminates the process on the port after 1 hour.

I've also answered a question about adding a countdown in the UI a while ago that could potentially be relevant: misc issues: hiding buttons, implementing countdown - #2 by ines

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I'm doing a multi-users annotations in a time limited environment, so basically I want the user to know how much time they have.

Thanks, I'll check the answer.