Textcat: Tapping on prev labels

Hi, I have an existing csv file containing my texts and its label.

However, the label may not be very accurate, and I would like to review them before training it to my model. How do I go about reviewing my existing labels, and correcting them if necessary?


Hi! One option would be to queue the examples up for annotation again, use the choice interface to add your labels as multiple choice options and pre-select the label you already have in your CSV file.

So the data in your stream could look something like this:

  "text": "Some text here",
  "options": [
    {"id": "LABEL1", "text": "Label 1"},
    {"id": "LABEL2", "text": "Label 2"},
    {"id": "LABEL3", "text": "Label 3"}
  "accept": ["LABEL2"],

If the selected label is correct, you can just hit "accept". If not, you can correct it. See this section for a full example of a recipe with multiple choice options.