textcat.print-stream - website outdated?

Hey there,

I have been looking into textcat.print-stream. According to the https://prodi.gy/docs/recipes, it takes model as one of the arguments:

prodigy textcat.print-stream en_core_web_sm headlines.jsonl | less -r

According to the docs:

prodigy textcat.print-stream [dataset] [source] [--api] [--loader] [--label]

When tested prodigy textcat.print-stream /prodigy/Mergedmodel EvalSample.jsonl, I get an error unrecognized arguments: EvalSample.jsonl.

Thanks and yes, that's a mistake, sorry! Just fixed it and should be live in a second. (If you want to double-check the recipe arguments from the command line, you can also always type --help, e.g. prodigy textcat.print-stream --help. This will output the docstring and argument annotations.)