textcat.batch-train --label argument unrecognised

Hi there!

According to the docs, this is the syntax of textcat.teach

prodigy textcat.batch-train [dataset] [input_model] [--output] [--label] [--factor] [--dropout] [--n-iter] [--batch-size] [--eval-id] [--eval-split] [--exclusive] [--silent]

following this example, I run

prodigy textcat.batch-train Econ --output /Model --label "ECON" --eval-split 0.2

but only get

prodigy textcat.batch-train: error: unrecognized arguments: --label ECON

I have tried -l argument as well, but spacy then interprets it as language...

Was the --label argument deprecated?

Ah, yes, that's a mistake. Thanks for the report. The label is now read automatically from the data. Already fixed this and will upload an updated PRODIGY_README.html.

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