Support python type hints to improve DX

Do you support python type hints to improve the developer experience when writing custom scripts?

Currently I get no code completion in VS Code when I import various functions from prodigy.

Prodigy is pretty much fully typed with type hints so it's strange that this is not working :thinking: Is this happening for all modules? I wonder if there's a problem with the Cython compiler stripping out type hints from the compiled modules (which is something we've come across and – afaik – fixed in spaCy previously).

Ah yes I think that might be the case. It is a problem for almost all. get_schema from prodigy.components.validate works fine. The following do not

from prodigy.components.loaders import get_stream, get_loader
from prodigy.components.validate import get_schema
from prodigy.core import recipe, get_recipe, set_recipe
from prodigy.util import get_config, set_hashes, log, msg

In spaCy stub files were added.


I also recall noticing an issue afterwards that Sofie took care of

Do you keep a backlog of issues/enhancements? Is it sufficient to request it here? :cowboy_hat_face: