Student Education License

Hello There

I’m studying data science. I would love to try prodigy for a project.
I wonder if you support students with free education license?
thanks in advance.

We do have an academic licensing option, which you can read about here: . The license allows academic institutions to buy a site-wide license, covering all students and staff. We understand that working with your institution isn’t a particularly fast process, so in the meantime you can also apply for an interim license.

Unfortunately the academic license still has some restrictions. We currently only offer this to degree-granting institutions. This leaves out a lot of people, but it was the best dividing line we could come up with. Another limitation is that we can only really grant the interim license to staff and researchers (as opposed to coursework students).

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your reply.
I have filled in the form 3 days ago, so far no response. when can i expect your feedback?

Are there any updates on this? Currently writing my masters thesis on named entity recognition using resumes. Would love to work with Prodigy in combination with Spacy!

Hope to hear from you!
Kind regards, Björn

@bjornvandijkman Hi! Your name sounded familiar (assuming your username here is your name :wink:) so I checked in our system – looks like we already sent out a research license on March 21. But for some reason, the email bounced twice. If you send us an email to we can investigate and update the email in our system if necessary.

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