Spans and Relations: Start in span mode by default

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We have a labeling process with spans and relations. By default, the relation mode is turned on. We would have to start with the labels first though. Is it possible to switch so that the spans are the first activated mode?

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Hi! This definitely makes sense and we should have a setting for that! Maybe we could just have a setting that lets you order the annotation mode buttons (similar to how you can customise the "buttons" at the bottom). Then you could define ["spans", "rels"]. I'll add this to the list of enhancements!

In the meantime, you could probably use a workaround like the one I suggested in this thread and simulate a click on the span mode button whenever the task changes:

The selector is a bit hacky – we probably need a better human-readable class here:

const button = document.querySelector('button[title="Select spans (s)"]')
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Great! Thank you, Ines!

We do the span labeling and relation in one go. To give more context: We have a task very similar to Semantic Role Labeling, where we label an action and for each action other arguments in the text. That's why we need the relation labeling (with only one label): to connect one action to its arguments.