Reviewing both relationships as well as entities


My team annotated text for both entities and relationships using rel.manual and the options --label (for relationships) and --span-label (for entities). However, the review recipe it doesn't accept the --span-label argument. How can I review and modify both entities and relationships at the same time?


Hi @ale,

The span/rel toggle is not supported yet in the review UI which is a much older workflow than the relations. It's very easy to work around it though - could you try the following solution:

The easiest solution would be to just put a prodigy.json in your current working directory and put a "relations_span_labels": [] in it, containing your span labels. This should overwrite the default and make your span labels available to the interface.

The source thread: Review NER + Relation annotations jointly - #2 by ines

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Thanks @magdaaniol! Worked perfectly.

On a related note, how can I wrap lines by default on the review interface when reviewing relationships annotated with rel.manual? In rel.manual there is the option --wrap but it is not available in review. Thanks

Hi @ale,

Could you try the same solution i.e. defining the setting directly in the prodigy.json by adding:

"wrap_relations": true