spaCy/prodigy consultants?

Hi, I am looking to hire someone on a short term contract (2-3) months to help develop a domain specific model to recognize entities in that domain given some text. Where is the best place to find people that might do this type of work? I have looked at and it looks pretty good but wanted to put it on here to see if thats the best way to find someone. I have an expert t can do the training but need someone to help with setting up the models and doing the training tweaking work, ideally wrapping something in a microservice that we can call from the application we are building to do entity extraction. The domain is oil and gas drilling and we have a great set of public data to work with to develop the model.


Hi Jeff,

We’re definitely pleased to see a community of experts growing around spaCy and Prodigy, so I hope this forum can be a good place for people to get in touch. Maybe we’ll eventually want to do something a bit more organized, but for now, I think a good solution could be to just sticky this thread so it’s more visible.

For any consultants reading, feel free to post a link to your website or a quick introduction?


Hi Jeff,

Per MH’s comment below my firm does NLP-based projects that sound quite a bit like what you describe. The part where you say, “I have an expert that can do the training” sounds perfect because that’s usually where this stuff falls down :slight_smile:

Anyways, feel free to drop me a line at nm [at] initiativegroup [dot] io and I’ll be happy to share some more info about what we work on.

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A different Jeff here also looking to hire an expert for assistance.

I’m training a tagger and parser for a particular domain in English. I’m looking for guidance from someone who has done this before with Spacy and who can help me optimize my model training.

Please feel free to contact me at jeff.oneill [at] patentbots [dot] com

Update: as of March 2021 I'm officially on the spaCy dev team, so rather than contacting me directly please send mail to

Howdy - I'm Paul McCann and I'm available for contract work. I've added most of the Japanese support to spaCy, along with some recent work on language data and data structures in general. Outside of spaCy specifically I have experience setting up ML/NLP pipelines and implementing classifiers, duplicate detectors, and the like for production environments.

If you think there's something I can help with contact me at [REMOVED - see above].


I have experience developing with Spacy. Love the library - have used it to successfully parse and classify legal documents. email me at if interested.

Hi Matthew - I am working on a project where we will need to develop custom software that highlights the relevant portions of text, much like displaCy. I am using spaCy for the NLP components. I'm wondering if prodigy might be the right tool for it. Is there someone from prodigy I could speak with about our use case?

We have developed a proof of concept model and could use some consulting help getting the model ready for production.

The domain is Suicidology and we are working with our closely held medical records. While we have done some de-identification work, this data will never be released into the public domain and any consultants would need to sign our Business Associates Agreement and need to be working inside the US (HIPAA rules).

What kind of help? Well, I learned enough Python, spaCy and Prodigy to create the POC but I'm convinced that there is much about all three topics that I don't know. I'm looking for both a mentor and someone who can help bring the quality and attention to detail that this topic requires.

We have domain experts working on the project. We have digital access to over 10 million medical records covering a 15 year period and almost 80k people. Of course, only a percentage of those records are for people considering suicide and thankfully even a smaller percentage attempted or died by suicide. That said, we enough data to create a good model.

Please respond to me here and I will reply. As you might expect, this is a sensitive topic to discuss in a public forum.


BTW, for a pure mentor consulting gig we wouldn't need the consultant to live in the US. We'd just need to speak english and figure out timezone differences so we could be effective. We have some mock clinical notes and can create more if needed.

Hey, I'd love to learn more and help out with this. I love the idea of AI for health, particularly mental health so.
I've done a lot of open source work with Prodigy and spaCy and consider myself an expert on both. I've also deployed a lot of models in production over my years at Microsoft and through my consulting company Subliminal AI.

I'm US PST time so let me know if you want to connect and discuss your project.
You can email me at

Thanks Kabir, emailing now...Steve

I have a need to do annotation of classroom data. I would like to set up a recipe that would (a) preprocess the data using a pyannote-audio speech-identification model, and then (b) enable us to conduct multi-label classification on the identified segments.

I need a consultant to help me get that set up, and to do so within just a few days. Anyone able to support? Please reach out! Happy to discuss more details as appropriate and necessary. Rate / total cost negotiable.

I am an entrepreneur starting a social discovery platform that requires NER as part of the solution. I have assembled a team of young data scientists to help build the MVP, but we need someone experienced in Spacy/Prodigy to help guide the team in the process of training models, etc.

We see this as a potentially very large and scalable concept so it is an opportunity to be in on the ground floor of something exciting. Please email me at if you have interest in learning more and speaking directly.


I'm not seeing any of the consultants reply, so I'm hoping this is worthwhile!

I'm a developer looking to improve in my spaCy knowledge and practice, specifically in the course of developing NLP products for a healthcare company. I've been using spaCy for a few months, but still feel like I've tapped the barest tip of the iceberg of its functionality, and NLP's power more generally. I would love to learn from someone more capable and experienced than I, since I consider myself a beginner still.

Bonus points if you're familiar with the details of the upcoming 3.0 update.

Howdy Mefrem,

I suspect a lot of people are following up off-forum - I know I have. My availability is getting kind of limited at the moment, but feel free to mail me at [REMOVED - see above]. (That goes for anyone else who reads this later, too.)


Hello Everyone,

There are two job opportunities to work with a great tech development company based in the UK.

We're currently using spaCy to develop Text Analytics for Human Security themes and the Sustainable Development goals. More generally, we're very much a business who is focussed on developing Tech for Good. Please do get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Engineer

All job opportunities

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Big spacy fans. We're happy to help anyone out. More on me HERE: and my company here:


I'm not so much looking for a consultant, but more of a tutor who can get me up to speed with Prodigy fast (the setup, syntax, the nuances that would take me days and many failures to figure out, etc.). I already have a dataset, all I need to do is train it using NER. I'm willing to pay on a per session (hourly) basis for several sessions. I've reached out to a couple names on this thread, but I have not received any communication back. Please PM me if this type of help is in your wheelhouse.

Thank you!

Just a head's up for anyone looking at this thread—I have not received any interest for my post above. It is very unlikely that you will either if you need a "trainer" (pun intended). I reached out to Prodigy via e-mail as well to see if there was anyone they knew who could provide 1 on 1 training (this was a couple weeks back) with no communication back.

The training videos are great, but I feel like more mass adoption of a low-code tool like Prodigy will require people who can actually train non-machine learnings specialists to get set up and use the tool appropriately. Many people and companies are stretched thin (and don't have machine learning experts, but more generalists), and a tool like this would be great for those individuals if there were more traditional teaching avenues.

That being said, this seems like a great tool from the Youtube videos. Keep up the good work!

Hi! Maybe just give it some time – there are definitely consultants who are looking at this thread and we know of several consultants and clients who met through this thread. But people may not be checking it daily, and you only just shared your post a couple of days ago.

Btw, I'm not sure if you're the same person, but I remember an email about 1-on-1 Prodigy tutoring from a while ago, and I sent a pretty long reply back with several ideas and suggestions. So if that was you, maybe double-check your spam?