Showing detailed progress in sidebar

I wish to create a terms list (prodigy terms.teach football_seeds en_core_web_lg --seeds football_seeds.txt, football_seeds database entry does exist). However, I do not get the red/green bar in the web UI. It looks as if all terms are being accepted, even if the history showed I did not accept all words as part of the football label,

I run WinPro 7, Chrome 70.0.3538.110,



Hi! You mean the detailed progress indicator, right?


Did you set "show_stats": true in your prodigy.json? The detailed stats aren’t enabled by default, but if you enable them explicitly, they should show up as expected.

I did as you suggested, and now it works (as you said).



PS: suggestion: have the default settings identical to those used in the instruction videos. (for lazy newbees like me)

Glad it worked!

Thanks – good point! (And if we do end up using non-default settings in a tutorial, we should definitely mention this or show how we’re configuring the tool for the tutorial.)

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