Show that div block on custom html template

I want to show that block in between in my own html template for dependency parsing

Also, the lines showing dependencies are colliding. But when we use displacy in spacy library arcs do not collide. Can we correct it?

Hi! You could solve this by having 3 blocks: a html block, a relations block and a html block: Blocks let you override task values as well, so you could provide a different "html" key for each HTML block.

This is difficult to prevent, because the relations UI works slightly differently from spaCy's displaCy visualizer: the visualizer has a big advantage here, because it knows all the arcs it needs to render upfront, so it can calculate their positions accordingly. The relations UI needs to support connecting every token to every other token, while also keeping layout changes to a minumum as you annotate. So it needs to use a different logic to calculate where to put the arcs, and it can sometimes happen that they overlap slightly.