session id and annotator id


I was wondering what's the difference between "_annotator_id" and "session_id" and how to manage that?
It's not clear for me where to define the "_annotator_id", while I understand the session_id can be added at the url.


Hi! The _annotator_id is only internals at the moment and it should always be identical to the _session_id.

Hi, I'm using v1.11.2! and I my annotator_id and _Session_id are different. I'm creating a single prodigy instance and forwarding my localhost using ngrok, then I make a different session for each annotator by adding /?session=annotator name. I've been doing the same for around 3 months and now I'm experiencing a bunch of issues. I attach a screenshot of the difference between annotator id and sessions id.

Can you upgrade to the latest version, v1.11.3? There was a small issue introduced around the session IDs in the latest version that were fixed in v1.11.3 and that should be fixed now.