Annotations not saved under session name

We are using sessions for multiple users.
However, most of the time, the session does not work and the annotations are not saved under user 'jim'. We use the ?session=jim stuff in the URL that in part worked, but sometimes for some users does not work. We run prodigy 1.9.5 with an apache server in order to have a login dialog (as the tool otherwise would be available via the web).

Can you provide information on what is going wrong?
When I open prodigy, on the left I can see that the session is named 'jim'. But when my colloeague (in another country) does so, there is no session name.

That's definitely strange. If you provide the ?session= identifier, Prodigy will send that name on the first request for a batch of questions.

How are you handling the redirect after the login dialog? Maybe the query parameters aren't passed on during the redirect, or something is different that means that Prodigy can't read them. Is there anything else that could be different between you accessing the web app (where it works) and your colleagues accessing it (where it doesn't work)?

We always enter the full URL with the ?session= identifier. However, it seems like using prodigy from an external network makes the session identifier 'jim' in the app disappear (on the left). That may be a reason, but besides that, I do not have an idea. :thinking:
When annotating, the ?session= identifier is still given in the URL.

This sounds like it might be related, yes! If there's any place where your server is redirecting to the Prodigy app (e.g. after login) and it's not passing the query parameters of the URL along, this would cause the session ID to not be available when Prodigy requests a batch of questions.

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That seems to be the issue. Thank you!

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