Serving a manual annotation project within an internal network

Hi, I currently have Prodigy installed on a server within the work internal network. The goal is to start one Prodigy session, and multiple users can access the annotation webpage in the browsers on their own workstations. I don't need any authentication methods, and it will be a manual annotation workflow (so no active learning going on). Essentially anyone on the internal network should be able to just access the web page and annotate.

I am completely naive when it comes to setting up servers, so I don't know what the easiest way would be to deal with this. Is it sufficient to just configure PRODIGY_HOST to the host server's LAN IPv4, and configure PRODIGY_PORT to one that is open to the computers on the internal network?

For example, if the host server's IPv4 address, and the port 1010 is accessible by computers on the network, can I just configure PRODIGY_HOST and PRODIGY_PORT with those values, and a user from a computer on the network can simply access it by accessing in a browser?


Yes, I would expect that to work. If you give it a try, what happens?

Some other details you might want to think about are whether the ports are blocked by firewalls on the network. For default AWS and GCE instances, there may be default rules on the network you need to configure.

You might find it easiest to leave it on port 80, while using the local network IP.

I tested out last week, and setting PRODIGY_HOST to IPv4 did not work for me. Setting it to, however, worked. I was able to access the annotation page from another computer on the same internal network by using http://SERVER_NAME:port_number