review recipe bug

Dear Prodigy team,

I encountered a bug when running the review recipe (snippet attached) instantiated with 4 datasets.
For some reason, the UI shows hundreds of users (multiplications of the 4 entered).

Please advise
Many thanks :pray:t3:

Hi @NNN ,

Just to sanity-check, can you paste the command that you ran here? It seems that the datasets are being populated multiple times that's why it showed up in that state.


This is the command I ran:
sudo nohup python3 -m prodigy review total_reviewed user1_poc2_full,user2_poc2_full,user3_poc2_full,ec2_user_poc2_full --auto-accept

hi @NNN!

Thanks again for reporting this bug. This should now be fixed in v1.11.9 released on January 23, 2023.

Let us know if you have any problems!