Relations UI bug


I wanted to report a bug i found, when playing around with the Relationships. I also checked with the coref and dep recipes and they present the same behavior.

For example we initially have:

The issue occurs when i press the same relationship again, e.g. repeatedly connecting "My" and "mother" with the "POSS" relationship. Then, the relationship lines keep going up and even out of the window borders ("COREF" relationship connecting to "She").

I know that this use case is not really relevant, but wanted to mention it just in case.
Best regards.

Hi! Thanks for the report. We're aware of the fact that the visualisation can get a bit weird if you're assigning the same relation over and over again, but at the same time we assume this is not a use-case that would realistically come up. So in terms of priorities I think this will rank quite low on our TODO list to look further into :wink:

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