Regressions in the audio_manual UX after prodigy upgrade.

Hello. I'd like to report two regressions in the "audio_manual" UX after upgrading from 1.12.5 to the latest version:

  1. Missing timeline. We have strict annotation rules around the length of the segments in one of our projects. However, due to the missing timeline annotators can't visually verify the length in seconds.
  2. It is no longer possible to add a segment to the left side of the cursor (see the screenshot) in the case if the user already played a part of the audio. This is very confusing.

Could you please fix that?

Hi @nikolaypavlov,

Really sorry to hear about the disruption. The issue 2) is definitely a regression and we'll look into it asap.

Regarding the timeline, it was deprecated in version 1.14.2 (changelog). After upgrading the version of wavesurfer.js to 7.4.4, the timeline was no longer responsive to zooming in and out of the sound wave representation which is why we needed to drop it. I just checked that there's been some changes to timeline in wavesurfer.js since 7.4.4, we'll try to see if can put it back with the latest version.

Hi @nikolaypavlov ,

We have released Prodigy v1.15.5 that restores the possibility mark a segment to the left of the cursor.

Restoring the timeline that wouldn't disrupt the current zooming behavior was not trivial I'm afraid as the the wavesurfer.js Timeline plugin just doesn't support zooming in custom containers.
We have put it in our backlog but hopefully the time information available on the cursor unblocks your workflow in the meantime.

@magdaaniol Thank you. I can confirm the second issue is now fixed. :smiley: