Audio_manual recipe in v1.9

I'm using audio_manual recipe with audio-server loader:
prodigy mark audio_dataset ./wavs --loader audio-server --label SPEECH,SILENCE --view-id audio_manual.

The first wav file shows up correctly, but after that I am not able to label anything (the labeling spans only show up on the left side of the waveform even though I'm clicking on other parts of the waveform).

Here's a screenshot:

We tried all available browsers and platforms (safari, chrome, firefox, opera + macos, windows), the bug happens with any combination of browser/platform.

I'm using prodigy 1.9.9 - could this be fixed manually in this version? Or is it fixed in the newer versions?

Yes – in fact, the audio interfaces and workflows were only officially introduced in Prodigy v1.10 (see the release notes. v1.9.x only contained "secret" alpha previews, but it's not a supported feature and works quite differently from how it does in the official release in v1.10 :slightly_smiling_face: