Recipe for annotations distribution

Hi @spacy,

I didn't find any recipe regarding annotations distribution by classes.

I know that we can easily show the distribution by writing a script, but is there a reason why this is not a "native" recipe?

If you didn't find any, I would like to do a PR for it (only for textcat at the moment). :grin:

$ prodigy textcat.distribution <dataset>

Dataset: <dataset>

ℹ Annotations distribution

Label             Count
---------------   -----
LABEL A           250
LABEL B           124
LABEL C           245


Thanks for the great suggestion! I've created an issue for it for the team to discuss. I'll get back to you on it soon.

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Hey @TimothePearce - a quick follow up - one solution could be to convert your annotations to the appropriate format using data-to-spacy and then using spacy debug to investigate annotation distributions. Hopefully this helps!