Progress return 0 shows inf instead of 0

Hi, so recently I started using Prodigy again. While testing out some of my old recipes, I notice that returning 0 on the progress function will no longer show as 0% but rather an infinite symbol. Is that an intentional change on the latest version?

Edit: return 1 also shows infinity instead of 100% (only when the software is restarted).
I can fix it by reducing the value by a very small value (such as adding or removing 0.000001 from the value) but I find it annoy to do so since on the older version, it will show those two numbers correctly unless it returning nothing.

Hi! When I read thread title, I already suspected that we might have a not progress check somewhere instead of checking for None and it turned out that was the case so 0.0 incorrectly caused it to fall back to the default progress calculation. Already fixed it and we'll ship it in the next release!

I wasn't able to reproduce it with any other values like 1, though :thinking: If you still see that, could you share the code of your recipe/progress function?

Btw, Prodigy v1.11 also introduced new features around progress calculation and automatically counting the stream, in case that's relevant for you. If your stream doesn't need to be dynamic and respond to outside state, you can set "auto_count_stream": true in your custom recipe to automatically count it in the background and calculate the progress based on the stream size.

Thanks, the value 1 only returns infinite after restarting prodigy with all annotations completed (and without any new dataset added to annotate) but that just seems like a one time thing as it now prevents prodigy from startup unless there is at least 1 item to annotate. Overwise the bug fix for 0 is working.