Progress Bar - Not working after update

The progress bar is always stuck at 0 and that issue only happened after i updated to prodigy 1.11.5. Before, I added the stream=list(stream) and the progress bar was updating normally. I also treid the "auto_count_stream":true but nothing changed.

I would really appreciate your help and thanks.

Hi! Could you share more details on the recipe you're using? And what batch size do you have configured? One thing to keep in mind is that the progress will only update once a batch is sent back to the server (since the progress is calculated in Python on the back-end). So it'll take a full submitted batch until you see an update.

I'm using span.manual and the batch size is 10. Even after it reaches the batch, the progress bar doesn't update and stays at 0%. I also finished the whole examples prodigy, and it stayed the same. I tried adding stream=list(stream) and nothing happened.

Hi, thanks for your report! I found the issue and we should have a fix for this soon.

Thank you. When will be the new update released?

Just released Prodigy v1.11.6, which includes the fix!