prodigy review

Would the records rejected during ner.manual process be reviewed by "prodigy review"? Thanks.

No, if the annotations were created with a manual interface like ner_manual, the rejected examples will be skipped and excluded from review.

If you're using a binary interface like ner, the "reject" is considered an answer, just like "accept". So what you're reviewing in this case is the accept vs. reject annotation decision.

Thanks. However, during prodigy review, I made changes to my annotation from ner_manual. However, the changes were gone when I go back to history. So should I save once I made the change? If not, would the changes be saved in the end?

Ah, I just tested it and you're right – it looks like when you go back, the update isn't reflected correctly in the UI. The underlying data however is all there and correct, it's just the display that's off. I'll fix this for the next release!

Just released Prodigy v1.10, which should fix the underlying issue!