Review recipe

Hi, when I use the review recipe and I am say, comparing/reviewing 3 different annotations for ner-manual, is there a way to just select the correct one of the three shown? Because at the moment, it offers me the text at the top to re-annotate, but I cannot select an already correct annotation and this is quite time consuming.

Hi! At the moment, the UI should default to pre-selecting the annotation that most annotators agree on by default and otherwise, just fall back to the first.

Having an option to just click on one of the versions is a good idea, though, so I'll put that on my list of enhancements :+1: (If you really wanted to, you could already implement a slightly hacky version of this: the different annotation options are stored in the JSON as "versions", so you could use JavaScript to call window.prodigy.update with the "spans" of the selected version to automatically port over the spans to the "master annotation" you create.)

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Brilliant, thanks very much, looking forward to this enhancement!

Update: Just released v1.10.5, which includes the feature :smiley: You can now simply click on one of the versions in the UI to update the main annotation from it.

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This is fantastic, I've just started checking and this will be so handy, thank you so much :smiley:!