prodigy on SageMaker


I try to setup prodigy on SageMaker.I installed prodigy with the wheel file and jupyterlab-prodigy extension on my saemaker notebook I then executed the ner manual method using my data and it seems to work ,launching itself on localhost:8080. I then try to access it using jupyterlab-prodigy plugin but it does not find the server.

What could it be?Maybe related to the port? but i should be able to access the port from within the notebook which is launched on the machine?

I don't know the specifics of Sagemaker so it might be that they block a few ports as a security measure. Is there any way to check this? You might also try to run a non-Prodigy script that starts up a webserver (something via python -m http.serve maybe) to see if you can access that.

My gut is suggesting that Sagemaker might be designed with security constraints in mind, in order to make sure that junior users who prefer the notebook enrivornment don't accidentally cause a dataleak. So checking for blocked ports might be my first bet.