Prodigy looping over again on the same texts to annotate


I've been trying to use prodigy for some days and I find it very intuitive and useful. Howaver, I'm encountering the same problem over and over again : whenever using ner.manual or ner.correct, I'm having a "loop issue", meaning that, after 25-ish texts I am labeling, I'm coming back to the first text that was first proposed to me, then the second one etc. I'm hence forced to close the interface and relaunch it, which fixes the problem.
Are there other people facing the same types of troubles ? Do you have any solution to propose to avoid this behaviour ?
Thanks a lot in advance for you help and avise,


Hi! Which version of Prodigy are you using and could you upgrade to the latest if you're not yet on that? Also, could you share some more details on how you're running the recipe, if there's anything in your prodigy.json etc?

Hi Ines,

Thanks for your answer !
The version we are using is not the latest one I think, it's the 1.11.3. I installed from wheel files. I'll try to update to the newest version.

Concerning the way I'm using my recipe : I'm on windows, and did not setup anything at first in my prodigy.json. I did after a while (to makes sure my prodigy.db points somewhere else) but the problem occured in both cases. Appart from that, I did nothing fancy, it was basically a first "hands-on" session.

Even we are using the latest version, 1.11.4, we are also experiencing the same issue.

Hi !
Apparently, using version 1.11.4 worked for us. Hope you can find a solution lee !

Glad you got it working! And it sounds like you were affected by the one problem in v1.11.3 that we fixed in v1.11.4 :sweat_smile:

Could you share some more details on the command you're running and the contents of your prodigy.json?

Nothing special in my prodigy.json, and we are currently using the spans.manual recipe.
By the way, our colleague says that the issue disappeared today as he saved the assigned annotation tasks less frequently than before. According to him, he immediately saved a task on completion. Now he saved a bunch of tasks, then the repeating issue has gone.

I'm having the same issue with version 1.11.4.

I'm using the blocks interface, named multi-user sessions, feed_overlap=True in the recipe and prodigy.json is empty.


I'm having this issue, too.

Version 1.11.4, textcat.manual exclusive, txt file as input

Would be great to have a fix for that :slight_smile:

I think we might have found a problem that could be related and will have a fix for this soon! :+1:

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Just released v1.11.5! Could you re-run your process with the new version and see if it resolves the problem?