Prodigy Evaluation Version

Is there is an evaluation version of Prodigy. I see that there are two versions Personal and Commercial. It would be nice to have a trial version that we can download and use for a few days and make a recommendation to our company to buy the product.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to provide a time-limited trial version, because Prodigy doesn’t “phone home”. A lot of our users have very strict privacy requirements, so the simplicity of no outgoing data is very important. This leaves no suitable way to build in time limitation.

We understand that the lack of a trial version is disappointing — easy evaluation is definitely one of the benefits of SaaS. However, making Prodigy downloadable has really let us build it as a different product. It’s faster, much easier to use, fully configurable, and allows total data privacy. Additionally, it’s available under once-off payment terms – so the net price is much cheaper than you would get from a SaaS offering.

If you need some specifics to finalise a recommendation, you could send me an email? . I’m sure we can work something out.