Demo key

I want to test before buying this product .how can I get demo key.

hi @matix!

Thanks for your interest in Prodigy.

We don't offer trial/demo keys.

Prodigy is downloadable software, which comes with particular trade-offs. Because Prodigy is very data privacy-conscious and never “phones home” or connects to our servers, there’s also no time-limited trial version you can just download. We couldn't offer a downloadable trial from the website without exposing ourselves to significant piracy risk.

But we're happy to issue refunds if you find it's not a good fit for your use-case. You can email us at if you have any issues.

We do offer commercial trials by hosting a VM for you that you can log into. This lets you get the full experience of the tool including the scriptable back-end, and also makes it easy for us to help if you get stuck. You can email us if you're interested. Please note that we’re only able to offer VM trials to companies and organizations, not individuals.