Prodigy error while saving the annotations

Welcome to the forum @CairoGulati :wave:

It's for sure unexpected that there's not console traceback available. Could you please try the following so that we can have more information:

  1. If you ctrl-c out of the situation in the screenshot, does Python traceback show up in the console? If yes, could you share it, please?

If not:

  1. Could try to reproduce the issue with PRODIGY_LOGGING=basic prepended to your current command and share the console output once the error appears.

Additionally, as it seems to be related more to the front-end data processing, could you inspect the browser's console for java script errors? In case you're not familiar with these tools, you would have to right click anywhere on Prodigy UI and select "inspect". That should load your browser's developer tools panel shown in the screenshot below. In this panel, navigate to "Network" and select to the last API call (it will most likely be give_answers and, then, inspect the "Response" tab for any errors: