Prodigy doesn't launch or die


I am using Prodigy on a secure environment within an enclave (that has no access to the internet). This is accessed through an RDP connection to a virtual machine. I have installed Prodigy in an anaconda environment. However, when I launch Prodigy two things happen:

  1. It launches on its default port 8080, however, when I launch localhost:8080, I am unable to connect to the server despite getting the message "Open the app in your browser and start annotating!"
  2. When I try to kill Prodigy using Ctrl-C, it hangs and I have to use Ctrl-Z and kill it manually using kill -9

It'll be great if I could get some help on this issue.

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Hi @sudarshan85 ,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you on this.

The fact that it doesn't exit with CTRL+C makes me suspicious. As a bit of background context, if a Python process is spending time within a C-compiled function, it won't check for keyboard interrupts --- the keyboard interrupt signal is only checked when control is returned to the Python interpreter.

So I wonder whether your recipe is busy working, and that's why it won't take connections and also won't exit cleanly. A particular possibility is that it's running out of memory.

Could you check the resource usage with top to see if it's busy computing during this time, and if the memory usage is staying under control? If you have perf on the machine, that would also be a good way to check what it's doing. Otherwise if you can install the py-spy utility, that's another way to see what's running.