print-dataset unsupported view ID: 'review'


I'm going back through some old annotations for some spring cleaning and was attempting to preview a dataset with the following command:

prodigy print-dataset beep_bop_boop | less

We successfully load the dataset and are at the "Getting output style and view ID based on first example" step when the following error is thrown:

✘ Unsupported view ID: 'review'

I assume the solution could be as simple as going in and changing the print-dataset recipe to allow a "review" view ID, but wanted to raise here in case it's an easy fix for upstream. If there's more to it, please let me know!

Prodigy stats:
Platform macOS-11.2.3-x86_64-i386-64bit
Python Version 3.9.2
Version 1.11.0a4
Database Name PostgreSQL

Hi! Printing review annotations out-of-the-box is currently not supported by print-dataset, at least not displaying all the different versions. If you just want to look through the final accepted answers and you know what type of data the dataset contains, you could set --style spans (or text or textcat). This will skip the auto-detection based on the view ID.

Thanks very much! prodigy stats beep_bop_boop gave enough helpful info that I could go without printing the dataset. Good to know that setting --style can help in the future.

Thanks again!