Error in Review

Hello. I have annotated a simple NER dataset using prodigy. I wanted to review the same. The review worked fine for a couple days. Then my prodigy crashed. Now when I try to run the review using this command:

prodigy review tonicds1R tonicds1

I get the error: ✘ Reviewing 'review' annotations isn't supported yet

Could you please help me. Thank you so much.

Welcome to the forum @rohitagrawal!

Could it be that your are now passing as input the output dataset of your previous session with the reviewrecipe?
In other words, in your current call

prodigy review tonicds1R tonicds1

tonicds1 is likely the output dataset of the previous session with the reviewrecipe.

To continue, you should be writing to the same target dataset and use the same input NER dataset as before so:

prodigy review tonicds1 {your original NER dataset}

Independently, do you recall any error message when Prodigy crashed for you?
Thank you.