Possible to Add Question Answering to the Live Demo?


It seems from several discussions in this thread and also from the github page, that prodigy supports question/answering (SQUAD-type) annotations. However it seems that the live demo does not yet feature this. Would it be possible to include this on the live demo? Alternatively is it possible to have a demo to try this feature on my own machine? I am very interested in using prodigy in our setup, but given the fee, need to be absolutely sure it will fit our requirements before I can convince my supervisor!

Thank you for your help!


Hi! This is good timing, because we're actually just working on revamping the live demo and adding more data. v1.10 will include a lot of new features, and the custom interfaces with blocks also allow building pretty flexible UIs that we're not showing off at the moment. So question answering is a nice idea!

If you send us an email to contact@explosion.ai, I'm sure we can work something out. We normally do company trials by hosting a VM that you can log into, so you can get the full experience of the tool, including the scriptable back-end.