Optional ner.correct argument --update error

Saving annotations when the --update option using ner.teach results in the following error:
if span["answer"] == "accept" KeyError: 'answer'.

Without the --update option, saving annotations works fine.

Thanks, it looks like this is a mistake – I'll fix this for the next release. In the meantime, you could just edit the recipe and remove that condition. In the case of ner.correct, this doesn't matter anyway, because all spans are considered correct.

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I noticed that train no longer accepts the --binary flag. Does that mean if I pass a dataset from ner.teach it knows how to use the dataset? Or should I just update the model with the --update flag?

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is there any update on this? For me it's also not clear if this training mode is available on spacy 3 - or how to invoke it, using the config-file based approach. Would also be good to know if it is not planned to integrate it in the spacy3-based new version of prodigy. Thanks!

The new version of Prodigy will unify the training workflow so you won't have to specify --binary anymore. However, we still need a small update in spaCy to properly allow updating the components with the respective contstraints defined in the binary feedback, so the results are currently expected to be worse in the nightly. Also see my comment here:

Edit: Just released a new nightly with better support from updating from binary annotations and a fix for the bug mentioned above.

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