openai key and org ID


As per the LLM document, only way to host the openai recipes, by using secret key and org ID from OpenAI Platform.

I have access to Azure OpenAI. Can I use the keys available in the resource for up the recipes? I know, i's not a right way to do. Why it is not enabled by using keys from Azure OpenAI.

Vinoth Kumar S

Hi @Vinoth ,

Prodigy OpenAI recipes were our early response to the availability of LLM-services and OpenAI API was probably the main service available back then so the recipes are pretty much dependent on the OpenAI API endpoints.

We are currently working on integrating more flexible recipes powered by spacy-llm library but you can already achieve the same results with a bit of custom scripting and using spacy-llm directly.

Please see this post for an example of how to set up a NER annotation task with a custom LLM vendor via spacy-llm.

If you'd rather wait for built-in support of spacy-llm based ner, textcat and spancat recipes, they will be available out of the box in Prodigy 1.13 due early next week at the latest.

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