not picking up modules


i seem to have it installed correctly, i get an output from python -m prodigy stats , but for running commands with python -m ner.manual and spans.manual , it says there no module named 'ner' or 'spans' .

hi @ami1902!

That's definitely a bit strange. I suspect something happened during the installation. It's hard to debug without more information.

A few questions:

  1. Was this a new install on that machine? Have you been able to install it on the machine before or is this the first time you've tried on this machine?
  2. Did you install Prodigy with a venv?
  3. Can you provide your versions of Prodigy and Python, and OS? You can do this from the output of python -m prodigy stats. Especially your version of Python may be of issue.
  4. How did you install Prodigy? A wheel file, through pip, or conda?
  5. Can you try running python3 -m prodigy ...? I don't suspect this will be it since you can run python -m prodigy stats but sometimes aliases can be a bit weird. Related too, did you make try to install using pip3 instead of pip too?
  6. Could you try to install Prodigy into a fresh venv and make sure to have updated pip install beforehand (that is, run python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip before setting up the venv and installing Prodigy)?

If none of these things help, let us know and feel free to provide any additional information you think could help.