non overlapping feeds without user sessions

Hi, does feed_overlap:False work without user sessions? i.e. if i do not setup user sessions and simply set feed_overlap:False in prodigy.json, will that prevent overlapping annotations? I ask because i have a dataset of 1500 rows, and we have 1600 annotations for it already with multiple annotators. I have not setup user sessions but have feed_overlap:False. Couldn't find the answer in the other related threads

Appreciate some guidance on this

Hi! The feed_overlap really only makes sense if you have multiple sessions and want to decide whether different sessions making requests at the same time should get the same or different questions. If you only have one session, annotations that are already present in the current dataset should be excluded by default, so you should only get to see examples that haven't been annotated yet anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

You can set "exclude_by": "input" or "exclude_by": "task" to decide whether to exclude by input hash (same example content, e.g. text or image) or task hash (same content + same annotation).

Ines, thanks for your quick reply! As a follow up, do you know why we might be seeing more annotations coming up than the total size of the dataset? Our dataset has 1500 data points, but we have already completed 1550 annotations and 'new' datapoints keep coming up


With respect to your question about more data points showing up. Can you give an example of how one data point looks like, and then how one annotation looks like?

As an example - ner.teach will provide one annotation example PER ENTITY. That means that if one of your data examples contains a sentence with 5 entities in it, you'd have 5 annotation samples.

There might be other reasons why the counts are off, but I'd need to know some more details on your data & annoation recipe to be able to understand what might be going on :slight_smile: