Multiuser Annotations

I have a team of 5 members and all needs to annotate with different sessions so what do i need to do so that same data does not appears in each session.
And there is no prodigy.json file in order to change feed_overlap variable from true to false .
Also where can i find prodigy.json file

Hi @akshatha,

We try to reply to most usage questions in 1-3 working days, although it can vary depending on the question and availability. Our priority is generally to make sure that information is easy to find in the documentation. You should also find the forum easy to search.

If you do find that immediate responses are important for your project, you could consider trying to engage a freelancer for an on-call contract. The Prodigy community includes many excellent independent freelancers who have experience with the software who might be able to help. You could ask for availability in this thread: spaCy/prodigy consultants?

I have gone through documentation and also feed_overlap in config i have changed to false but also able to see same data in all sessions.

Hi @akshatha,

I think you're experiencing the same thing as another user:

Hope this helps!