No tasks available with custom image recipe

I am having trouble getting tasks into my queue using JSONL input and a custom recipe. This method was working until recently, so I am not sure what changed to cause the problem.

I have a JSONL file, something like:

{"image": ""}
{"image": ""}

And I have a custom recipe for image classification:

import prodigy
from prodigy.util import split_string
from prodigy.components.loaders import Images
from prodigy.components.loaders import JSONL, CSV
from prodigy.components.preprocess import fetch_images

def add_options(stream, options):
	options = [{'id': option, 'text': option} for option in options]
	for task in stream:
		task['options'] = options
		yield task

	dataset=("The dataset to use", "positional", None, str),
	source=("Path to a JSONL file", "positional", None, str),
	options=("One or more comma-separated options", "option", "o", split_string),
	multiple=("Allow multiple choice", "flag", "M", bool),
	exclude=("Names of datasets to exclude", "option", "e", split_string)
def imagecat_manual(dataset, source, options=None, multiple=False, exclude=None):

	stream = JSONL(source)
	stream = add_options(stream, options)    

	def on_exit(controller):
		examples = controller.db.get_dataset(controller.session_id)
		examples = [eg for eg in examples if eg['answer'] == 'accept']
		for option in options:
			count = get_count_by_option(examples, option)
			print('Annotated {} {} examples'.format(count, option))
	def get_count_by_option(examples, option):
		filtered = [eg for eg in examples if option in eg['accept']]
		return len(filtered)

	return {
		'view_id': 'choice',          # Annotation interface to use
		'dataset': dataset,          # Name of dataset to save annotations
		'stream': stream,            # Incoming stream of examples
		'options': options,
		'exclude': exclude,          # List of dataset names to exclude
		'config': {                  # Additional config settings, mostly for app UI
			'choice_style': 'multiple' if multiple else 'single',
			'choice_auto_accept': False if multiple else True
		'on_exit': on_exit          # Called when Prodigy server is stopped

And I invoke the recipe like so:

prodigy imagecat.manual test ./test.jsonl -F ./scripts/ --option "landscape,not_landscape"

I open up my browser and see:

No tasks available.

The verbose logging indicates that when I made the request from my browser the service returned an empty tasks array:

  ✨  Starting the web server at ...
  Open the app in your browser and start annotating!

15:28:15 - GET: /project
{'choice_style': 'multiple', 'choice_auto_accept': True, 'dataset': 'landscape', 'recipe_name':
 'imagecat.manual', 'port': 8080, 'host': '', 'feed_overlap': False, 'global_css': '.pro
digy-title { font-size: 60px;}', 'view_id': 'choice', 'batch_size': 10, 'version': '1.8.3'}

15:28:15 - POST: /get_session_questions
15:28:15 - FEED: Finding next batch of questions in stream
15:28:15 - RESPONSE: /get_session_questions (0 examples)
{'tasks': [], 'total': 0, 'progress': None, 'session_id': 'landscape-default'}

I've been using Prodigy, and this recipe, for a while now without issue. So I must have changed something to cause the problem, but I can't see it. I'm hoping another set of eyes can help.

Hi! Thanks for the very detailed report and including the logs :+1:

This is definitely strange, especially considering that it worked fine before. This might be a stupid question, but did you double-check that the tasks you're streaming in aren't already in the dataset (test)? Or, phrased differently, that the task hashes of the incoming examples (based on the image plus label) aren't in the dataset yet?

Thanks for the reply. In my testing I've been dropping the 'test' dataset and recreating when I kick off the custom recipe. So I don't think it is an issue with the task hashes.

I updated my script to accept a text file, with a newline for each URL:

stream = [{"image": i} for i in open(source,'r')]

And this ... works. So, I guess it is either something with the JSONL loader or my JSONL. I am not sure how to debug the former, but I guess I can debug the latter by extracting data from a good dataset and importing it via my recipe.

In talking to myself here, I discovered an issue in my code that was generating the input JSONL. As mortifying as it is to leave this post here for posterity, perhaps it will serve as a helpful reminder to really closely inspect your input data. The eyes tend to glaze over when reading a giant JSONL file and you might not notice that you have repeated the same image or text across its entirety. :weary:

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No worries and glad you found the problem! Thanks for updating. (And it's always like that – you do a bunch of super complex stuff perfectly and then the problem is something much sumpler :sweat_smile:)