"No tasks available." using multiUserSessions

I have a multiuser 'textcat.manual' recipe for annotating data . My idea was to reuse the same dataset_name once an annotation task is completed by dropping the dataset.

When I open the annotation task annotate the data using multiple users it works fine but when once I dropped the dataset and rerun the annotation task either on same or different data set(using the same dataset name...the table into which annotations are stored) I don't see any data for I add session id in URL ( multi user). But I see the data when session id is removed form the URL .
Technically when I dropped the dataset I should have dropped all the all old annotated data right?

my code

model = 'textcat.manual'
dataset_name = 'annotated_data'  #annotated_data2
json_file = training_data
host = ''
port = 5000
import os
os.environ["PRODIGY_ALLOWED_SESSION"] = "user1,user2,user3"
prodigy.serve(model, dataset_name, json_file, '', labels,True, None, port=port)

dropped data
db.drop_dataset ("annotated_data")
tried this as well prodigy drop annotated_data

After dropping the dataset and loading new data . Can't see any tasks for any of the defined sessions

But can see the data with out session info in URL

Hi! When you drop the original dataset, the session datasets will still be around so you should also drop them explicitly, i.e. all datasets starting with annotated_data.

Alternatively, you can also restart the annotation process with a new and empty dataset, and you should be able to start from the beginning again.